Overseas Dental Implant Surgery – Are The Risks Worth It?

This article is designed to give you some points to consider on the positive & negative sides of overseas dental implant surgery.

Whatever activity you choose to do in life there is always some degree of risk involved. From something as simple as driving to the shops – there are risks associated with this ie. You may have an accident on the way – you may hit a pedestrian – you may suffer a heart attack – you may be struck by lightening. As you can see there is some degree of risk even if it may seem a remote possibility. Everyone has there own way of assessing how risky an activity is. We are all different so each of you reading this needs to take into consideration your own personal risk assessment level. What may seem like a relatively risk free option for one of you may have another person quaking in their boots. So let your own inner feelings assist in guiding your decisions in this exercise.

However you can greatly reduce the risks of overseas dental implant surgery by doing your own personal research on this very popular topic.

Is it worth considering taking a holiday for overseas dental implant surgery?
• If I live in the UK where are the most popular locations for getting dental implant surgery performed overseas?
What are the risks associated with overseas dental implant surgery? – (i) if something goes wrong when you get back home – who pays the cost of getting back to see them – (ii) do they offer written guarantees (iii) do they have testimonials of people you can contact to verify the quality of their surgery. (iv) do the “surgeons” have qualifications from a recognised dental college/university. (v) is the saving big enough to warrant the risk. (vi) Research different surgery costs for various forms of dental implant surgery in these offshore locations. (places to consider offshore dental implant surgery- eastern Europe, Thailand, Bali, Central & South America.

Happy to smile at the world with new found confidence thanks to Dental Implant
Happy to smile at the world with new found confidence thanks to Dental Implants

Need a dental implant, but the price is seriously putting you off? Don’t worry you are not alone. Many Britons every year find themselves in the same situation. What’s worse is that the NHS (National Health Service) will not cover overseas dental implant surgery, apart from extreme situations. This means that at the end of the day all that money will be coming out of your own pocket. These exceedingly high dental costs are the main reason why many of you  need to think carefully before committing to dental implant surgery.
As an alternative to these high costs many people from the United Kingdom are trying something different and that is that they are going to offshore locations such as Eastern Europe, Thailand and so on to get these surgeries done for a greatly reduced cost. For them it’s like a win- win situation; not only are they paying less but they are getting a holiday as well.
Below is a snapshot of the dental costs in different countries:

Country City Prices From (€)
Lithuania Vilnius, Kaunas 880
Latvia Riga, Sigulda 550
Belgium Brussels 600
Czech Prague 1400
Estonia Tallinn 700
France Paris 2000
Germany Berlin 2100
Ireland Cork, Derry, Dublin, Limerick 1100
Romania Bucharest 1000
Slovakia Bratislava 550
Slovenia Ljubljana 750
Thailand Bankgok, Phuket 1590
UK An average across main cities 3400


Sources: http://www.surgeryprice.co.uk/dental-implants-cost

But before you jump right onto this bandwagon and start planning your dental surgery and holiday abroad, calm down and start thinking about the risks that are associated with travelling abroad for dental implants. After all there are two sides to a coin and each option has advantages as well as disadvantages.
The biggest risk in my view is that you have no concrete way to evaluate the qualifications of a said dentist in a different country. In the United Kingdom as a patient will have access to the General Dental Council from where you are able to reach out to certified and qualified dental surgeons.  This in itself acts as a guarantee for the dental surgeon. But if you are going abroad then you have no way of knowing for sure that the said dentist matches in qualification to the dentists at home.
Other than that, any dental procedure takes a certain time to heal and set in and this is a possibility a potential liability. Imagine that you have travelled abroad to get your dental implant surgery done and 3 months down the track something goes : infection, great pain and discomfort, the implant feels loose? Do you travel back? If so then who pays for that extra ticket and accommodation cost? If not then are you willing to go to a new dentist who might start your treatment from scratch?
Other than that it is essential that you ask these dentists for testimonials from their previous patients, so that you can go through them and contact the previous patients. In this way you will be able to get a clearer picture of whether or not the dentist is reliable or not. But having said that, when you are in the United Kingdom then it will obviously be easier to know about the reputation of your chosen dental surgeon.
Lastly in the United Kingdom you can always make a complaint should you not be satisfied with the services your dental surgeon provided. It is mandatory for your surgeon to follow up on this complaint. But maybe this may not be possible in different countries and thus it must be a consideration that you need to contemplate when deciding whether to go abroad for dental implant surgery.
Although travelling abroad may be cheaper including the travel & accommodation costs for dental implant surgery there are many risks involved which need to be weighed up in your mind based on your own risk assessment level. These offshore locations do claim to have a success rate of around 99% with patients being totally satisfied, but personally I would recommend strongly on doing the research.
Questions or Information To Request:
• Do the dental surgeons have qualifications from recognised universities?
• What are the costs for each procedure that you are considering? Are they fixed?
• Do you have testimonials – written or video that can be verified?
• Do you offer accommodation packages?
• If something goes wrong after I return home that is due to product failure or a mistake by the surgeon – do you guarantee to cover my expenses to return and have the work rectified?
There are numerous other possibilities that you may wish to have clarified but the above questions are a good starting point to reduce the risks of offshore dental implant surgery.

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