How Oral Health Affects Rest of Your Body?

oral-healthYou know that, not caring your teeth can lead you to a painful experience. But did you know that not taking good care of your mouth can go beyond your teeth and affect you? Despite the painful dental caries (tooth decay), oral health has many impacts in other diseases such as stroke and heart diseases.


Why oral health has such an impact?

You can say a person’s mode by looking at their facial expressions. similarly, mouth is a window to our body’s health and it shows symptoms and conditions of a disease. You will feel the difference in taste when you have an illness and many other signs to reflect your underlying illness. It is also exposed to bacteria and the risk of infections.

Due to this nature of mouth, studies have shown it can serve as spot of bacterial contamination of the lungs and lead to the growth of bacterial pneumonia.

  • Conditions and diseases that can affect oral health.
  • Vitamin deficiencies can seriously impact your teeth and gum.
  • Pregnancy and diabetes can affect your dental care.
  • Poor dietary practices and smoking can not only affect your mouth but also face and lungs.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (GERD) and blood disorders also can affect your oral health.


Taking care of dental health

It’s obvious that mouth is part of our body and not caring of the teeth and gums means it will have an impact in our general wellbeing. If you already have tooth decay or a broken tooth it is vital you attend to a dentist for a check-up as it can lead to unwanted gum diseases and your teeth will start repositioning. A better, long lasting new method to replace such tooth is dental implant, many studies and real world experiences have shown strong increase in the use of dental implant.  you should always take good care by brushing and flossing your teeth.

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