Dental Implants Abroad

Dental Implants Abroad

Travelling abroad for dental treatments continues to grow more popular each year, with thousands of people choosing to get dental implants abroad. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants outside of the UK, here’s what you need to know.


 The Benefits

The main benefit is the price; dental implants cost up to 70% less in countries such as Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Poland. It’s a quick process and going abroad means you can combine your need for dental treatment with a holiday.


Things to Consider

Choosing where you will get your treatment is an important process and there are many different things you should consider when evaluating a potential clinic. It’s vital to ensure that the clinic you choose is fully accredited and has a good reputation. Search for reviews online and try to find pictures or videos of the clinic to get a better idea of what to expect. If you know someone who has had dental implants abroad, ask them where they went and how happy they were with their experience.
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Booking the Trip

Once you’ve decided on a clinic, you will need to have a full discussion with them about what the treatment will involve and how long it will take. Some clinics who deal with a lot of UK patients will have a UK office where you can have a face-to-face consultation.

Dental implants typically require two or three visits over the course of a few months, but this can vary. You’ll need to organise flights for your trip, as well as accommodation. Finding a safe hotel or holiday rental that is near the clinic is essential so that you can get to and from your appointments with ease.



While dental implants cost significantly less outside of the UK, it’s critical to obtain written confirmation of all quotes to avoid any nasty surprises. Obtaining detailed quotes will give you peace of mind and help keep your trip as stress-free as possible.


After Care

After care is an important factor to consider when getting dental implants abroad; you will likely be advised to return for regular check-ups, but if you are one of the unlucky few and something goes wrong with your implants, after care becomes even more important.

Most clinics will advise you to return to them for after care appointments. Some clinics have UK offices and may be able to provide after care in the UK. It’s important to bear in mind that many UK dentists that are unaffiliated with the clinic will not be willing to provide after care treatment for work that has been done abroad. However, if you obtain thorough documentation regarding your treatment from your clinic, this should alleviate their concerns and allow you to receive follow-up care from a UK dentist.