Dental Implant Costs In The United Kingdom

Dental Implant Costs In The United Kingdom.

Vital information concerning dental implant costs  and other facts that should assist you in making the right decision for the person considering this surgery.

Dental Implant costs in the United Kingdom is a process that people should evaluate after doing their own thorough research because of the generally high costs associated with this surgery. That is why it is important that you are well aware of all the possibilities (dental insurance included) that are available to you and the costs associated with these options. Always remember that each patient has a different situation and the dental costs for the implant surgery may vary from person to person according to their individual situations.

What You Need To Know About Dental Implant Costs
What You Need To Know About Dental Implant Costs

This is also another reason why it’s important that you do research yourself as the prices quoted to you may vary from surgery to surgery.



On average a single dental implant works out to be around  £2600 in the United Kingdom and this may seem quite expensive for many people. We will now look into these costs in more detail and find what is included in this price.

What Does The Average Cost of  £2600 Include?

  • This price includes all the preparation and analysis work the dental surgeon does before the actual implant is placed in the mouth. This includes consultation, scans and so on.
  • Also training courses are given to the entire team so they know exactly what to do with the dental implant and this too comes at a cost.
  • After this, the price of the actual implant and the crown also have to be taken into consideration as they are made by dental technicians and are made to size for each specific patient. Lastly, these costs include the post surgery care the dentist provides to you in order to make your implant last an entire lifetime.


Now we will look at the actual costs, broken down per category:

Procedure description Cost from 1st Source (£) Cost from 2nd source (£) Average Cost (£)
Consultation/Clinical Assessment 95 100 97.5
Completed Dental Implants (with final crown) From 995 Between 1950 to 2200 1715
3 Unit Implant Bridge replacing 3 teeth in a row From 3140 Between 4450 to 5000 4,196.67
4 Unit Implant Bridge replacing 4 teeth in a row From 3590 Between 6600 to 7600 5930
6 Unit Implant Bridge replacing 6 teeth in a row From 5235 Between 8400 to 9600 7745
‘All on 4’ From 6695 6695

1st Source:

2nd Source:

The above prices were taken from 2 clinics so you may find there are greater differences after checking other dental practices.


Looking at the table above you can see that any sort of dental implant surgery procedure will end up costing you a lot. Unfortunately the NHS considers dental implants as cosmetic surgery and will not pay for it. The NHS will only pay*(see exceptions) for dentures or bridges, but not implants. But there are some exceptions, which come into play when either the patient cannot wear dentures for medical reasons or the other scenario is where a patient whose mouth and teeth have been severely damaged. Examples may include people who have had that teeth displaced, as in the case of an accident or a disease such as mouth cancer. Other than these scenarios, dental implants are only available privately and the costs will have to be borne by the patient or their family.

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So as you can see, dental implant costs in the United Kingdom  are expensive and that’s why it is essential that you do your research properly so that you are able to find a Dental Implant clinic where you are able to get the best possible surgery executed that will fit into your budget.

Payment Options To Consider For Dental Implant Surgery:

If this surgery is essential for yourself or a family member and you feel the cost is out of reach then perhaps you can consider one of these options:

  • Taking out a personal loan
  • Redrawing on the mortgage if you have one
  • Investigate whether there are dental implant surgeons available who will offer you a payment plan

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