Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures – What You Need To Know?

cosmetic-dentistryAre you dissatisfied with your smile? Your teeth are strongly tied to your appearance, which is a large part of your self-esteem. If you have spent years feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious about your smile, consider cosmetic dentistry as an option. The following article outlines a few common procedures that can help your overall appearance. Details on dental implants costs can be found here.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The following list outlines a few common cosmetic dentistry procedures:

    • Bridges: A bridge is a row of false teeth permanently placed onto your gums where several teeth are missing in a row. Bridges help your overall appearance, and can restore gum health. Bridges typically come in gold and porcelain varieties.

  • Crowns: A crown is a false tooth that is placed entirely over a broken or decayed tooth. Crowns restore the natural look of your original tooth, and are available in gold, porcelain, and ceramic varieties.
  • Dentures: Dentures are the best option for people who are missing most of their teeth. Not only do they help your mouth look great, but they stop the sagging look that occurs when a patient is missing most of their teeth. They enable you to eat and drink normally once again.
  • Fillings: If you have a tooth with a cavity or decay, a filling is a great option to save your tooth. If left unchecked, tooth decay destroys your teeth and leaves you with foul breath.
  • Implants: Dental implants are often the best choice when you are missing a tooth. The implant is attached directly into your jawbone, ensuring that it will not fall out.
  • Root Canal: A root canal may be necessary if your tooth is in danger of decaying completely and falling out. A root canal may save the original tooth and keep it healthy for many years.
  • Veneers: Instead of covering the entire tooth like a crown, a veneer covers the front portion of a tooth to restore or improve upon its appearance. Veneers come in ceramic and resin-based varieties. make sure you read our complete guide on porcelain veneers
  • Teeth Whitening: If your teeth are yellowed or discolored, teeth whitening may be a great option to improve your smile. You can purchase teeth whitening trays or strips from a grocery store, or you can have a dentist do the procedure. In the dental office the procedure often takes only one visit and has longer lasting and more satisfactory results than cheaper store-bought options.

Choosing a Dentist

If you determine that you are in need of cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile or to get your teeth healthy, choosing the right dentist is important. There are many dentists that can help you, just make sure that they are a reputable business within the community. Do not forget to utilize word of mouth to help you find the right dentist. Ask friends or family for suggestions when choosing your dentist. Since cosmetic dentistry can be costly, make sure you choose a dental office that offers payment plans and special pricing options. Cosmetic dentistry is an investment in your appearance and your health, and you want to make sure you are choosing the best professionals for the job.

Author: Dr. Ryan D. Sparks is a specialist dentist at Ryan D Sparks DMD

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