What is Computer Aided Dental Implant Surgery?

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Dental industry technology is getting better and better every day especially in dental implant surgery. With so many advancements and new equipments flooding into the market, many dental dental-implant-surgerysurgeries are trying to be at the cutting edge of technology to get the competitive advantage of these devices.

From a patient point of view, I want to share some basics on guided surgeries with the use of these new computer aided devices. One of the main technologies used in a guided implant surgery is Cone Beam Volumetric Technology (CBVT). This is a type of computerised tomography (CT) in a 3D format.

Is your prospective dental surgery clean enough?

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safe-dental-surgeryWe sometimes overlook the fact of safe and cleanliness of a dental surgery or dentist’s office. Because you may have contacted them via phone or just look for how cheap they are. How can you know the dentist office that you go to is safe and how do you know the dental instruments are clean?

First and foremost, there is a standard of care that you should expect from your dentist. There are several things to look for in your office that will show that your dentist values sterilization, cleanliness, and the health of his/her patients. Here are a few things to observe at your next visit to hopefully put your mind at ease:

Dental Implants and Dentures! Which is better?

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For previous generations, dentures were the only option for replacing lost teeth. They still remain one of the most common and popular choices, but advancing technology has created another option. Dental implants are growing in popularity, and are much more similar to natural teeth in terms of a person’s day-to-day experience. There are advantages to both dentures and dental implants, and careful consideration of these different factors is needed in order to properly decide which choice is right for you.


Natural Feel

There is no denying that dental implants feel much more like natural teeth. Dentures are on a rigid frame, which is designed to fit the shape of your jaw. Getting the frame to fit your jaw properly is the hardest part of the process, and the fact they are laid over the top of your jaw on an inflexible frame means that they will never feel quite the same as natural teeth. This is most noticeable when the jaw moves.

Dentures are also removable. While a range of adhesives are available and many modern products are better than old ones, getting dentures to stick firmly in place is still a problem. They are prone to slipping or falling out of place, which creates difficulty.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures – What You Need To Know?

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cosmetic-dentistryAre you dissatisfied with your smile? Your teeth are strongly tied to your appearance, which is a large part of your self-esteem. If you have spent years feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious about your smile, consider cosmetic dentistry as an option. The following article outlines a few common procedures that can help your overall appearance, a detail on dental implants costs can be found here.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The following list outlines a few common cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Bridges: A bridge is a row of false teeth permanently placed onto your gums where several teeth are missing in a row. Bridges help your overall appearance, and can restore gum health. Bridges typically come in gold and porcelain varieties.

What Is Bone Grafting for Implant?

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bone-grafting-for-dental-implantIf you are looking for a dental implant surgery to replace your missing tooth, you would have already known what a dental implant is? At the pre-check stage of a dental implant your dentist will ask for a CT scan or x-ray to examine the structure of your teeth, he/she will also see if you have enough bone to place an implant on your jawbone. And suggest you if you will need bone grafting for implant.

Bone grafting is the process of increasing the amount of bone either by your own bone or artificial means. The safest and most desirable means for you is your own bone, this is done by collecting the particles from another bone in your body. This impacts the time, cost and risks of your dental implant surgery. If it is a minor bone grafting your dentist may do this at the same time they do your implant surgery, it all depends on the amount of thickness your jawbone should have to place the implant.

Once bone grafting is done and your implant is placed, the bone starts growing this process is called osseointegration. The bone grows and integrates itself with the implant this can take several months normally six months but depends on the condition.

Watch a 3D video of bone grafting

If you are only looking to enhance the look of our teeth you should read about teeth veneers article which is a complete guide on cosmetic dentistry.