Dentures – Where It All Began?

Have you ever wondered where dentures came from or who thought of them? Some famous people in history wore dentures including George Washington. you must have heard of the latest cosmetic dentistry but in this article let’s take a look at why Denver dentures are necessary and how they came into popularity.


A prosthetic is an artificial devise that replaces a missing body part. You probably think of a missing leg or hand when you think of a prosthetic and not teeth, but dentures are made to replace missing teeth so they are considered a prosthetic. Clear back in 700 B.C., Italian men were making dentures out of human and animal teeth. Because of the materials used in construction, they would fall apart quickly. But, since they were easy to put together they stayed in popularity for hundreds of years. The Japanese were the first to use wood to make dentures in the 1500’s. Porcelain came into popularity around 1770 in London. The selling point for those type of dentures was that they could be made in any color and the color wouldn’t fade therefore closer resembling real teeth than a wooden carving. Finally, in the 1960’s dentists were able to use resin and plastic to make dentures that looked exactly like the person’s original teeth and gums.


Obviously it can be difficult to eat and speak without a full set of teeth. Teeth are the first line of the digestive system and serve to break food into smaller particles and bits that are easier for our stomachs to digest. If we only cut our food into small pieces and swallowed those without chewing it could cause stomach upset and heartburn. It would also take longer for our digestive systems to gather nutrients from the foods we eat and distribute them throughout the body. Our teeth also help us form complete sounds when we speak. If you read this sentence out loud you’ll find that your tongue touches your teeth at least 18 times. Without your teeth to make the L, T, and TH sounds you would have a slight lisp and most of your words would slur with an S sound. So it’s important to have a full set of strong teeth both to keep your body healthy as well as communicate effectively.

Health Benefits

Some people are born with rotten genetics that lead to rotten teeth. There are kids who develop cavities no matter what their diets or how often they brush, floss and rinse. These cavities will continue to decay even if filled although it will happen much slower with proper dental care. They will need to have fillings replaced and sometimes root canals in order to get all the decay out of the mouth. When teeth continue to rot they will eventually fall out. That doesn’t mean you will need a full set of Denver dentures. You may just need a partial set. Before you stress out too much, consult with your dentist. There have been some advance is dental implants that may make dentures a comfortable and viable solution to your dental woes.

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